How To Dry Out A Wet Carpet

dry out wet carpet imageA soaked carpet is not only an annoyance, but it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to an individual’s home if not immediately remedied and can be dangerous to the health of those exposed to the mold that grows as a result of the moisture. In severe cases, such as in the event of flooding, it will take a professional team to salvage a soaked carpet. However, if the area of water damage is isolated, such as in the case of a small water leak, the average homeowner is fully equipped and capable of dealing with the problem. A little common sense, a few common household items, and a couple of pieces of common household equipment are all that is needed to dry out wet carpet without the expense of calling a professional cleaning team.

The first step is to take quick action to get the drying process started and prevent mold growth. Airflow is extremely important to drying a carpet. Immediately open all doors and windows, unless it is rainy or excessively humid outside, and place fans strategically to create constant airflow over the affected area. A dehumidifier will also go far in eliminating moisture in the air, further expediting the drying process. The next step is to turn the thermostat down to the coldest temperature available. While running the furnace will dry the carpet faster by pulling moisture from the air, mold grows rapidly in heat. The colder the atmosphere surrounding the wet carpet, the slower the mold growth will be. Once these measures are in place, it is time to assess the situation. Along the edge of the wall nearest the wet area of carpet, pull up a corner of the carpet and padding and pull back. Check to see just how wet it is under the carpet padding. If puddles or standing water is present on the floorboard, use a towel or wet vac to remove the excess moisture and continue drying the area with fans. Once the carpet and padding area pulled back it will dry very quickly. Unfortunately, in some cases, it is not possibly to pull back the carpet. In these cases, a wet vac or steam cleaner can be used to suck up any excess moisture without having to detach the carpet from the floor. Once the excess moisture is removed as best the homeowner is able, it is time to play damage control. Please note that of the following household items, Borax and diatomaceous earth should be used carefully in the presence of children and pets. Borax is toxic and diatomaceous earth is a lung irritant and should never be inhaled. Borax can be sprinkled over the affected area to kill mold growth and baking soda can be used to neutralize any musty smell. Diatomaceous earth, commonly sold at pet supply stores, will help absorb excess moisture.

While a soaked carpet may seem like an impossible fix, it is really quite easy to remedy. With a little common sense and know how, along with the help of a few common household items, a wet carpet can easily be dried without the need to call in a professional cleaning team or replace the carpet altogether.

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